Back Home – John Denver Sessions

//Back Home – John Denver Sessions

Back Home – John Denver Sessions

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About Back Home – John Denver Remembered:

In 1972 his father bought an 8 track cassette of John Denver’s Greatest Hits and for the next five years or so, little else was played in the family car, or for that matter the family home. Songs such as ‘Rocky Mountain High’. ‘Starwood In Aspen’ and ‘Rhymes And Reason’s’ have had a lasting effect on Chris’ musical style and songwriting. The influence of John Denver has never been too hard to spot on Chris’ original albums. Here he remembers the music that inspired and enthralled him in his youth and has continued to do so. In the words of John Denver ‘It’s good to be back home again.’



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  1. Back Home Again
    2. Rocky Mountain High
    3. Blow Up Your TV
    4. Starwood In Aspen
    5. Grandma’s Feather Bed
    6. Mr Bojangles
    7. Rhymes & Reasons
    8. Country Roads
    9. Annie’s Song
    10. The Eagle & The Hawk


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